Unfortunately, when people joke around about "the joys of home ownership", it's usually with dry satire coupled with an unfortunate mishap that has occurred for the home owner. Unwanted water entering the home, whether through a breach in structure or an unruly pipe, is not something anyone wants to deal with. A typical scenario for water damage to a home could include:


Hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms - here in Florida, we are no strangers to the inclement weather!

Pipes bursting, water heaters or major appliances leaking i.e. the washing machine or dishwasher

Overflowing toilets, tubs or sinks 

And even water damage from firefighting efforts

Immediate action is vital to prevent any or further damage to the home and there is usually a process that a homeowner can expect see such as:

  • An emergency call made to US- 941-626-3564 (24/7 EMERGENCY SUPPORT)

  • A professional will respond quickly and efficiently to identify source of leak and/or assess damage.

  • Water removal process will begin .

  • Appropriate equipment will be put in place to effectively begin drying the structure.

  • All effective areas need to be properly cleaned and decontaminated from any possible mildew or secondary damage (i.e. mold)

  • The restoration process will take place.

When you choose Neice Restoration, we will even help you effectively navigate your insurance company! We are here to represent you in the sensitive situation you find yourself in and will help intercede when and where we can so that you can get your home back.

We also offer contaminated water and sewage backup clean up along with commercial structural drying and water damage events.


As residents of Florida and also having witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Charley, we know just how quickly a situation can turn from scary to dire. We are equipped and ready to operate with the level of urgency that you would hope for when dealing with such a disaster. We respond 24/7 for DISASTER SUPPORT - just call 941-626-3564 - you will be reaching a real person and not an answering service. There will be no "press 1 for..." nonsense. We will treat you the way we would hope to be treated in your situation; with respect and kindness. 

We are able to help assess damage, remove debris, rectify leaks and damage caused by unfortunate weather conditions and much more! 


Storm Damage:

carpet cleaning.jpg

Carpet Cleaning Services:

Here in Florida, carpet isn't always found in homes like it is up north but no matter what, your floor is covered with a material that is treaded on daily. With so much traffic, it will of course collect dirt and grime like a magnet. It is recommended to have your carpets cleaned at least once every 12 months with regular vacuuming taking place in between. Dirt builds in layers and regular removal of soil and debris will help keep your surfaces looking nicer longer and also contributes to their overall life. Neice Restoration cleans hard surfaces along with carpets and rugs and we can make your floors look AMAZING. We are currently contracted with over 6 local apartment complexes; we do commercial cleanings and are expanding into residential as we recently purchased a second machine! Give us a call with any questions or for an estimate! 941-626-3564


Ready Your Home for the Market:

We want to help you get your home ready for the market and we are so excited to be able to offer this to potential sellers and real estate professionals! Here are some reasons this segment of our services may interest you:

You are wanting to sell your home and have a lifetime of accumulation and you know some of it HAS to go

Through unfortunate circumstances, perhaps you inherited a home (that you may or may not be selling in the future) but it has a lot of 'stuff'- we can help! 

You bought a home and the sellers left behind all of stuff that they didn't feel like packing

REALTORS!!! - We want to help you keep your clients happy! If your sellers need to get rid of some of the things that pile up or if they leave it behind at closing and it needs to go yesterday, call us!!!!

We don't haul stuff to the curb, we haul it away and you will never have to deal with it. We can work with tight deadlines for those in need so let us know what your emergency is.